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Photo of the owner of Quality Retaining Walls James Easterly

Hi, I'm James; 

I have been in the construction industry for over a decade. I have worked on several retaining walls in San Ramon and have seen almost everything that can go wrong.

Retaining walls are a lot like the foundation of a house. If the foundation is weak, then the house will be too. Now, if a retaining wall is installed improperly, it won't be able to support the weight of the soil behind it. Simple concept, right?

Give me a call, and I will use my engineering and design skills to develop a comprehensive plan to build you a perfect retaining wall with proper drainage.

Building a retaining wall in San Ramon

Building a retaining wall in San Ramon

Retaining wall San Ramon

Retaining wall San Ramon

Retaining Wall San Ramon, CA

If a retaining wall is not installed properly, it's time to install a replacement retaining wall. If you repair retaining walls that have failed in the footings, the retaining wall will fall again in the future.

Unless you are experienced at building retaining walls and have the necessary equipment, hiring a professional in San Ramon who can handle retaining wall problems is best.

We build retaining walls, that's it. Specializing is critical because most companies offering retaining wall services don't necessarily specialize in these projects as they primarily do landscaping and general construction. Not us; our only specialty is engineering, designing, and knowing what materials make a beautiful, long-lasting wall.

In San Ramon, from our years of experience, we recommend two types of retaining walls. The first is a soldier pile retaining wall. We've built hundreds of these walls because it allows us to keep the walls under three feet and avoid getting city permits. We can tier several walls to keep the soil from sliding if it's a steep grade. The other type of wall is a poured-in-place concrete wall. This is a good choice if the wall is over three feet tall.

Building a concrete retaining wall on a steep slope in San Ramon, CA

Building a concrete retaining wall on a steep slope in San Ramon, CA

San Ramon Concrete Retaining Walls

We build poured-in-place concrete walls that can limit soil between two different heights or unnatural slopes prevalent with retaining walls in San Ramon. We do this by understanding the elements that make up a solid retaining wall and its purpose, so we keep it simple. 

We use materials such as exposed aggregate concrete on either side to create texture and contrast and pour them in place, making our walls long-lasting.

Concrete is a good choice if the wall is over three feet.
Also, it's a good choice if you are trying to match your existing landscaping because we can make the wall look like wood or give it a texture to make it look natural. There are many options when decorating concrete.

We can help you decide if you are unsure if your retaining wall requires repair or replacement.

Below is a transcript of a customer in San Ramon that wanted to know if her retaining wall can be repaired or does it need to be replaced?

(James, Owner) Hello, Quality Retaining Walls; how can I help you?

(Customer) I wanted to see if we could get a quote on, um, I guess I don't even know if it's repairing our retaining wall replacing our retaining wall, or what our options are.

(James, Owner) What city are you in?

(Customer) We're in San Ramon.

(James, Owner) What's your name?

(Customer) Sylvia.

(James, Owner) Hi Sylvia, so why don't you tell me your situation.

(Customer) Yeah, so we back up to a hillside, and years ago, the wood that was there when we first bought the house was buckling, so we had a gardener come out and put in like these brick-looking blocks.
Well, now it's buckling, and they really didn't have the proper experience like when I went to your website as it talked about lateral pressure and all that stuff. I just think that wall has so much pressure from the back hill that it's just gonna keep happening, and now our fence is leaning. We just need somebody who understands how to handle our situation 100%.

(James, Owner) Now let me ask you a couple of questions, and then what I'm gonna have you do is take some photos and then text or email them to me. What is access like? Can I get equipment back there?

(Customer) Yes, I live next door to a tennis court, and so there's a gap between the tennis court and my house, and then the back hill is just open space.

(James, Owner) Okay. And the existing wall is roughly how tall?

(Customer) So it's a two-layer, and I think the first one is four feet, and then behind it, it's like another four feet. And that back one is the one with a lot of pressure.

(James, Owner) How long do you guess both walls are?

(Customer) I don't know. It's pretty long; it takes the whole length of my backyard, which is 7000 square feet. Basically, it's the entire backside of it.

(James, Owner) Okay. Don't even sweat it; I just wanted to know so I could wrap my brain around what you're saying as we speak.
So roughly two terraced walls, each wall is about four ft high. Okay, so this is what I need. First, can you take some photos of what's going on back there, maybe four or five, and tonight when I get home after looking at them, I'll have a better idea of what needs to be done.
I'm building some walls in walnut creek tomorrow, and I should be done maybe by 3:00, so after I'm done, are you gonna be around tomorrow?

(Customer) Yes

(James, Owner) Okay, good, so what I'll do is I'll give you a call tomorrow morning before 10am and I'll let you know what time I'm coming over.

(Customer) Okay, that works.

(James, Owner) Okay great.

(Customer) Thank you so much.

City of San Ramon, California

City of San Ramon, California

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San Ramon, CA

San Ramon is a city located in the San Ramon Valley of Contra Costa County, California. It is roughly 36 miles east of San Francisco. According to the United States Census Bureau, for the year 2020, the population is expected to be 84,605. It has become a highly developed city with diverse business and residential opportunities.

During the rainy season, it's essential to inspect your retaining walls for any structural problems due to frequent mudslides. The topography of San Ramon features rolling hills from the Diablo Range and the flatter basin from San Ramon Valley. The town is mainly urban and residential, with many new housing developments! Although most lands outside the city limits remain undeveloped, it still has many unstable hills.