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Boulder retaining wall in Concord, CA.

Boulder Retaining Wall in Concord, CA

Why Choose Us To Build Your Retaining Wall in Concord, CA

We're the experienced contractors you can trust for all your retaining wall needs in Concord, CA. Call me today, James, to set up an appointment to evaluate your existing wall and show you your best options. I have successfully designed and built hundreds of retaining walls in Contra Costa County and the surrounding areas and am more than qualified to design, engineer, and build durable, esthetically pleasing walls. If you are interested in getting a quote or would like references, they are available by request at 925-466-4600

⭐ Testimonials from satisfied customers ⭐

"Quality Retaining Walls exceeded our expectations! From the beginning, James was incredibly helpful, showing us several retaining walls he had built in Concord, and he went out of his way to ensure we were satisfied with his wall design and choice of materials. James and his crew replaced our retaining wall and were always on-site, ensuring our retaining wall was finished promptly. Their work is impeccable, and we couldn't recommend them more! Thanks again, James - good luck to you all."

5/5-stars reviewed by Kelly Wilson, Concord, CA resident.

Reviewed by: Kelly Wilson, Concord, CA resident.
Date work performed: 7/23/2021 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Designed and constructed a steel I-beam wood retaining wall. Excavated the old wood wall.

"James was a great communicator and professional throughout the construction. He provided a free estimate/bid, and his work was top-notch - he finished my retaining wall in the time frame he said he would and even went out of his way to help me with a few other things. I'm thrilled with the quality of their work, and the finished retaining wall looks spectacular! - I'll definitely recommend their services to all my friends and neighbors." 

5/5-stars reviewed by Gene Wiggins, Concord, CA resident.

Reviewed by: Gene Wiggins, Concord, CA resident.
Date work performed: 3/18/2022 Stars: 5/5

Service Provided: Designed and constructed a tiered retaining wall with french drainage.

Replacing a retaining wall in Concord, California

Replacing a retaining wall in Concord, California

Repair Or Replace My Retaining Wall ?

If a retaining wall is constructed incorrectly, it must be replaced with a new one. If you try to repair a retaining wall that has failed in from poor construction or the terrain around the wall was not taken into account properly, the wall will likely collapse again in the future.

Unless you're experienced with building retaining walls and have the necessary equipment, hiring Quality Retaining Walls who understand if a wall can be repaired or needs to be replaced in the Concord area and can handle retaining wall repairs is a good idea.

Building and designing retaining walls is our specialty. It's essential to specialize because most companies that offer wall repair services primarily do landscaping and general construction and lack in-depth knowledge of soil engineering. We focus on engineering, designing, and understanding soil conditions that make durable, long-lasting walls.

Retaining wall construction in Concord, CA

Retaining wall construction in Concord, CA

Retaining Wall Construction Concord, CA

We build wood and concrete walls that can limit soil between two different heights or unnatural slopes prevalent with retaining walls in Concord. We do this by understanding the elements that make up a solid retaining wall and its purpose, so we keep it simple.

We pride ourselves on constructing high-quality retaining walls out of concrete, wood, steel, and stone. We build not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional walls to prevent soil erosion between two different heights or unnatural slopes. The most common type of wall in the Concord area is a Sheet piling wall because we consistently encounter very weak soil.

Sheet Pile Retaining Wall in Concord, CA

Sheet Pile Retaining Wall in Concord, CA

Steel I-beams are the most common material used for sheet piles because it is strong and can resist a lot of pressure. It is also excellent at being durable and can be increased in length by welding or bolting the pieces together.

In Concord, many sheet pile walls, sometimes referred to as bored pile, are poorly made and threaten the surrounding area's stability. However, we take the necessary steps to ensure that our walls are secure and will not collapse over time. The required steps are taken by understanding the elements that make up a sheet pile solid wall and its purpose.

Retaining wall contractors in Concord, CA

Retaining wall contractors in Concord, CA

When constructing different types of walls, we use materials such as exposed aggregate concrete, wood, steel I-beams, bricks, cinder blocks, and boulders to create natural barriers to landscaping. I hand-pick the boulders for every job to ensure they fit and look as natural as possible. 

We believe in keeping things simple, so our customers can have peace of mind knowing that when Quality Retaining Walls builds a wall, it will be done correctly. References are available upon request.

If you're undecided about what type of retaining wall will work best. Give us a call. We will evaluate your landscaping and give you recommendations based on our years of experience in the Concord, CA, area.

Below is a transcript of a customer in Concord, CA, that had some knowledge of retaining walls but needed our expertise.

(James, Owner) Hello, This is James.

(Customer) Yeah. Hi, uh, I live out in Contra Costa County. My name is David uh I'm going to want to get a quote on building a retaining wall in the front of my yard. I've got a kind of a unique situation, and I guess in that the area that I'll be filling with soil used to be like a gorge, a mini gorge. Do you know what I mean by where the gorge goes down like a v shape?

(James, Owner) yep, I got you

(Customer) that's the kind of thing I want to fill up.

(James, Owner) Okay, what city are you in?

(Customer) I'm over in Concord.

(James, Owner) Okay, Yeah, we indeed service your area. Um, Can I ask you a few questions?

(Customer) Absolutely.

(James, Owner) Okay. The gorge that you want to fill or build a retaining wall at has there been any work done there already?

(Customer) So when I first moved here, I filled the gorge across the yard; my yard is 400 ft long, so that's about a football field and a third, right? And they brought in soil and started at the back and worked forward to the front.

(James, Owner) Okay,

(Customer) And then they got close to the front, and the county said, Okay, now you have to taper it 3 to 1 to your property line. So the elevation I want to hit is about 30 ft above where the front of the gorge starts. Yeah, so it's created like a little pool in the shape of a V, and I want to finish filling it up so I can get it to the elevation of the rest of the yard.

(James, Owner) So I can most certainly do that. This is what I need. Why don't you do this for me? Do you have a pen and paper by any chance? I'm going to give you my cell phone number and if you wouldn't mind, text me a couple of photos, text me your name, your address, and your phone number, and I will set a time this week to come out and meet with you about your project if that's okay.

(Customer) I've got a pen and paper right here.

(James, Owner) Okay, my name is James; send me a couple of photos of the area. And then text me your name and address, and then I'll get back to you probably sometime tomorrow evening, and then I'll set a time to come out and take a look at your project this week.

(Customer) Excellent. Alright, James, right now it's all weeds and brush, and everything has grown down there.

(James, Owner) Got you; well, the photos will let me know if I can get my equipment in there and whatever needs to be done. We can discuss that after looking at the photos. That will help me think of what needs to be done before I meet with you because we do a lot of this kind of stuff, and every job is just different, so the sooner I start thinking about how to make it happen, the better for you, I can assure you of that.

(Customer) Absolutely, I read your writing that your company put up on your website, and as soon as I heard you guys were from Contra Costa County, I figured you would have had the experience I need already.
(James, Owner) Yeah, 100%. I've done a lot of work in that area.

(Customer) Yeah, exactly

(James, Owner) And we do a lot of work in your neighborhood, and although we are located in the east bay, we've done a lot of work in Concord and Martinez, you know, right in that corridor I have a lot of experience.

(Customer) Alright, how many yards would you guess would be needed there?
You know, I was guessing at first. So I took some dimensions, you know, land with depth Calculation as a lay person, you know what I do know a little bit about mathematics a little bit, I calculated 4000 yards.

(James, Owner) Wow, that's a lot of dirt.

(Customer) Yeah

(James, Owner) You know, it's doable as long as the logistics are there where we can get in there and dump. The thing about backfilling is that a lot of people make mistakes. Usually, they'll bring a whole bunch of dirt and spread it around and not compact it in between loads, you know, you only want to go maybe a foot to two feet at a time. Then you run your compactor machine there, as you keep adding between dumps. Many guys will want to get a whole bunch of dirt in there, and then you know because they want to get the job done, but that's not going to give you a good product in the end.

(Customer) And this area borders my neighbor In in front, but he's cool. He's been my neighbor for 20 years, and we talked about this for a long time; his yard borders the whole side where the retaining wall needs to be built.

(James, Owner) Beautiful stuff that's good.

(Customer) And I have accessibility for any kind and size of excavating equipment; basically, I got plenty of room on my side of the border.

(James, Owner) Exactly, it's obvious you know what you're looking at, so I think we might need to bring a small dozer in there maybe, but we'll see what happens; well, I can move a lot of dirt around with excavators, too, so...

(Customer) Okay, great.

(James, Owner) So please do that, send me your name and your number and a couple of photos. But don't worry about getting too technical on the photos; I understand it's filled with weeds and brush; it will just give me something to think about your job more clearly.

(Customer) Exactly. I will get the right angle, so I'll make sure I get them in front of you. Like you said. I'll go down there and get some good angles on the terrain. Thanks, James.

(James, Owner) You have a great day, bye.

Downtown Concord, CA, our service area

Downtown Concord, CA

Concord, CA

Concord is located northeast of San Francisco, California, and has two neighboring cities, Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill. The city is home to various beautiful parks and trails, including Briones Regional Park and Diablo Foothills Regional Park. It is connected to Pleasanton by the Iron Horse Regional Trail.

Many family-friendly attractions include a drive-in movie theater, parks, and more. Concord's West Wind Drive-In is one of the last drive-in movie theaters in the state, and the theater offers double features and a snack bar during intermission. Free parking is available, and the center also hosts the popular Music and Market series.
Concord is home to a variety of restaurants. The vibrant, multicultural food scene is home to the famous Concord Jazz Festival and Music & Market Concert Series.

We Service These Concord, CA, Neighborhoods

We Service These Concord, CA, Neighborhoods

We Service These Concord Neighborhoods

Colony Park, Claycord, Clayton Valley, Highlands, Ellis Lake, Farm Bureau, Four Corners, Holbrook, Inner Lime Ridge, Landana, North Concord, San Miguel, Todos Santos, and Turtle Creek.

Zip Codes: 94518, 94519, 94520, 94521, 94522, 94529, 94565

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